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Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Latest Trends In The Executive Search Consultant Industry

To create a strong organization with good leaders, HR consultants need to address the development of talent rather than "training" or "domain-specific" recruitment only. With the global economic shift, companies are wrestling for a revamp, more than ever. They are considering factors like cultural change, economical evaluations and technological advancement that get ahead in the competition. Among all emerging players, India is the largest outsourcing provider in Asia, with a backup of over 50 million homes in GY category. What is governing this trend is connected directly to executive search consultants who are selecting candidates who can thrive in the ever-demanding markets. Some of the Top Jobs of the millennium are:

Data Science and Talent Analytics:

Certain professionals are opening up new paths of career advancement and this inspires not only large companies but best executive search consultant as well. The increasing relevance of digital technology in developing a world-class organization is demanding talent analytics to manage the whole unit's portfolio and upgrade themselves to C-suite roles. New job sectors will be seen in 2016 with Talent Analytics and Data Scientist related credentials.

Millennial's World By 2025

Organizations have come to terms with the fact that Millennials are going to drive their legacy in the next four decades. Because of this, they need to motivate, train and retain them. In the USA alone, 75% Millennials are said to consist of the total workforce by the year 2025, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. Harnessing and retaining the best talent is an effective strategy in mitigating future risks. Top executive search firms are adhering to this monumental shift and ensures a proper management strategy to be implemented in all sized businesses, irrespective of geographical locations, religion, caste or creed.

Unity in Diversity:

Demand in the roles of Human Equity Director, VP of Inclusion. HDS (Head of Diversity Sourcing) will increase in the 3rd millennium as Millennials have revolutionized the practice of diversity, from view or approach diversity to cognitive and collaborative diversity. For them, respecting another individual's perspective is more important than visible diversity.

Engagement is the Key:

The reason Silicon Valley is more successful than others is the simple practice of "happiness work leads to productivity" approach. They have carefully researched on what retain or engages employees to the extent that they would love to work for extended hours or be more proactive. The research resulted in creating flexible work environments that also meet the lifestyle demands of employees and build long-lasting loyalty for the company. Although third world countries are struggling to link the dots of culture and engagement together with a multi-generational workforce and individual needs, companies will have to focus on hiring Director of Culture and VP Employee Engagement etc.

5 Benefits of HR Outsourcing That You Might Not Know

HR outsourcing has been a common practice for most corporate giants in India and developed countries. Previously small companies used to ignore such practices but now after seeing an increase in workforce management requirements along with compensation benchmarking, they have accepted HR management practices as healthy, systematic approach towards building a sound future for both their employees and clients. This article has a useful summary of research conducted on HRM.

HR Offers Money Saving Options:

Cost saving measures are the "selling" points for HR outsourcing firms. Interestingly, over 98% small firms say yes to HR only after knowing the facts that:

  • They can completely avoid recruiting an entire HR department
  • They can save money by outsourcing a highly adept team to work for them
  • There are no additional costs involved
  • There is no big office space required
  • They can leverage their free time into genuinely seeking the right fit for their HR advisory needs or payroll outsourcing

HR Follow Best Industry Practices

Human resource outsourcing services can streamline your entire human resource processes. An expert outsourcing company knows how to regulate policies, create new programs, abide by strategic hiring approach, use the latest technology, study the track record and support employees' time-to-time by initiating trainings and implement proper reward functions for them.

Your Business is still in Your Control

The entire HR services need not be outsourced, for example, only payroll or compensation benchmarking or leadership hiring can be outsourced. You can still retain control on your own HR department while making sure that you do not require to train your existing HR personnel to use the latest technologies. They are already equipped with such technologies and can provide you fruitful guidance, periodically. With outsourcing, you have the leverage to decide whether you need to hire people for the entire HR department or just some parts of it.

HR Helps You to Focus

Business owners are mostly happy when they can focus on vital business issues, rather thanHR recruitment. If they are startup owners, you might understand how important it is for them to meet clients and pitch for investments. External management consultants offer them a hassle-free working environment and take care of their manpower savings, cost savings and preserve these for other business expenditures.

Knowing the multiple benefits of HR recruitment services, it is likely for emerging players as well as big giants to rely on them from time to time. Not only clients but their employees and business partners feel the benefits too.

HR Advisory Services Can Help You Retain & Train Your Competitive Workforce

During the last 10 years, economic growth in India has been possible mainly due to offshoring to the USA, software exports and MNCs establishing a footprint of their working culture in association with Indian big brands. Post-recession, this scenario changed to an indispensable need to acquire Indian markets in lieu of cost-cutting strategy, were sought more for value creation and innovation in R&D, software and IT applications. The Society for Human resource management based out of California, USA use benefits as a recruitment tool, as per HR worldwide statistics. For sustained economic growth, human capital is the biggest contributor. HR advisory services are no more an option but a compulsion for emerging markets in Asia.

Looking at the current HR requirements, it is very essential to hire and retain strategic workforce planners and educate them about your company’s vision. Talent management requires strategic function, identifying key market players, grooming them for highly potential roles, reviewing their candidature and putting employee orientation programs in action. Financial analysts are engaged in human resource analytics, business leaders have polished their people issue solving skills – all because of good recruitment and presentation skills of HR managers.

The Indian market is experiencing the highest growth in Mobile Application development in the last few years. Cross platform social messaging applications like Whatsapp is making a dominant presence known across India. Small business owners can now offer product views and descriptions via Whatsapp or send push notifications from time to time; candidates are informed about new opportunities in social groups. Social media, mobile is used extensively for HR practices. C-level executives can be communicated and hired via social network. A traditional job opportunity related calls are not entertained the way social networking job posts are attended to. Candidates can openly view the job post engagement and the comments of other applicants. This gives them a chance to anticipate whether the job application is good enough to consider.

Another key contributor in HR Advisory services success is the persistence in acquiring client and potential candidates who would join the client’s company. Potential hiring offers emerge anytime and to close such positions require more than HR experience and market research. Successful Hr advisory services offers talent mapping, job description revising, updating company goals with joining candidates, compensation benchmarking, and implementing beneficial employee orientation programs apart from benefits and cost reduction initiative.

Cost-effectiveness can be maintained when high-tech technologies are used to boost communication in between consultants. Technologically driven HR outsourcing firms can provide a cutting edge in ensuring smooth communication and cordial client servicing. They take feedback from hiring clients regarding in-house HR department’s workflow and assist in revamping the complete organizational structure, from recruitment to recommendations on vital changes in policies, programs, employee training programs / modules, etc. Moreover, Advisory HR teams can micro-manage or change the entire management structure for the welfare of any organization. To choose them as your working partner will ensure that they help you with branding, workflow management and improvement of the corporate culture. No matter what the size of your company is, you will definitely take action with a good business vision.

3 Core Functions of HR Advisory Service Providers That Can Affect Your Business Goals

HR advisory services work in tandem with their clients, developing and designing organizational structures, solving grievances and optimize resources. A talented HR outsourcing firm helps in setting up a new venture across a new city and cater to people management requirements, efficiently. They help in setting up new structures that can withstand the constant changes in environment and business goals. They help in streamlining new resources and hire new talent, redeploy old employees and manage the exit process whenever necessary.

Custom HR advisors provide a complete range of solutions, i.e creation of unique Job descriptions, preparing and gauging performance metrics, compensation benchmarking, talent mapping, HR policy formulation and implement employee retention techniques. Human Resource Advisory services also provide industry specific solutions, keeping the best working standards in mind. They specialize in transforming the company's "people" into productive workforce and help in utilizing investments for business growth and recruitment.

Collectively, making a better working place for employees, ideal HR outsourcing firms aim to create and maintain peace-of-mind for their hiring partners. They generally possess a talent management team that has a multi-disciplinary approach towards people management. They help you protect your organization by tapping into their intrinsic skills such as organization, multi-tasking, negotiation, ethical practices, dealing with negative behavior, conflict management, problem solving and perfect hiring mechanisms. Market reputation is high for such HR partners as they are known for their integrity.

Dedicated HR solution providers work as your business partner, providing contingency to retain the services (as per requirement) and aligning your organizational goals in the whole recruitment process. They provide value added services that are legally compliant, beneficial for employees and solve performance management issues within the organization.

Specifically, they can assist you strategically that empowers your long-term organizational goals by advising you on:
  • Human resource process re-engineering and process audits
  • Organization, or departmental reviews
  • Complete Organization design
  • Performance management Modeling
  • HR solutions via phone call
  • HR on-site services (visiting client's office)
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Competency/skills analysis and Job design
  • Developing An Employee Handbook
  • Performance Management Consulting
  • Retention Performance Consulting
  • Fostering HR assessment
  • Policy Formation and Monitoring
  • Creating Reward and Incentive Plans

The three core functions of HR advisory services, however, revolves around Talent Management, administrative diagnostics and working in collaboration with you as strategic partners. Without these functions, HR services are more of a consulting or plain recruitment. Here's the difference, Advisors assist you to uphold your organization's working culture and streamline your business processes, whereas HR recruiters are interested in hiring and training mostly.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Little Known Facts about HR Outsourcing Services and Why It Matters

HR Outsourcing | Little Known Facts about Human Resource Outsourcing Services

HR outsourcing has both good and bad effects for a hiring firm. However, it is apparent that the number of pros are more than the cons. It has fueled many debates regarding whether or not business owners, irrespective of their employee database, hire HR professionals externally. It is not a new phenomenon and are largely practices by big companies, worldwide. Categorically, it is the temporary transfer of HR duties to an external vendor or service provider.

Since many years, organizations have been outsourcing different facets of their internal work system, such as payroll management, pension benefits administration, employee relocation and benefits administration. One of the greatest benefits of hiring an HR service provider is their ability to handle large scale operations. In a day, when more than 40 candidates have to be selected, Fortune 500 companies prefer HR outsourcing team.

So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Human Resource Outsourcing services:


  • HR outsourcing enables businesses to focus on their core competencies, ultimately resulting in better productivity and revenue generation of the company.
  • With the help of HR outsourcing services,partnering companies can manage their resources in a better way, as people management is encouraged within the organizations.
  • Small-sized business get a huge benefit of reducing expenditures of hiring a big operating team and HR professionals help in streamlining HR functions.
  • The legal risks are controlled and compliance is adhered by each and every employee of the hiring company.
  • Service delivery has a chance to improve day by day, allowing the company to focus on their business opportunities.


  • One of the most significant concerns with HR outsourcing Firms is the possibility of disinterest or disloyalty. Employees hired might understand your business, but outsourcing HRs might not.
  • If  HR consultants are working with you as per contract, they might not be controlled. As they do not require to be reported under anyone.
  • Before signing the contracts, clients must check the papers and then sign. Also, confidentiality is a prerequisite.

The aforementioned points are just the highlights on the totality of the service offerings and their aftereffects. Communication plays the key part in ascertaining whether or not a firm should hire HR personnel. A successful hiring can change the destiny of the company, whereas the opposite might happen as well.

It is imperative to judge their portfolio and also the kind of market reputation they might have. If you see more than one brand in their portfolio list, try to probe which kind of services they offered in the past. Do these offerings have any relevance to your search? For example, your firm is automobile related, do they have any automobile recruitment experience? If yes, then in how many days did they close the hiring process? What were their winning strategy in dealing with clients?

Monday, 13 June 2016

3 Tips for Executive Search Consultancy You Can Use Today

A decade ago, Facebook was just a medium of communication to keep in touch with near and dear ones, today, it’s the largest social network, which is actively used by over 350 smartphone users and over 1.65 billion monthly users, with an expected 15-20% increment every year. In March 2016, it is estimated that over a billion smartphone users have logged in. This data shows the kind of popularity and technological shift that the world is experiencing at the moment. To empower industries with C-level talents, Executive Search Consultant are required more than ever.
The convenience to connect and chat with people across continents and subcontinents is roughly one reason to log in to the network. It is moreover a global marketplace for niche sectors like IT, engineering, beauty, healthcare, business consulting, photography to mention a few. Over 300 million users from Europe are active each month, US is no exception, as per search engine journalLinkedIn is, being an older social network, provides a platform mainly for professional connects rather than informal chit chats. What’s even better is that, LinkedIn’s pages can be translated into 24 global languages; with a network of 106 million active users, one might not complain of not having “enough” referrals.
No wonder, our current era is experiencing a better phase of interconnection and it is not harder than before to search for leaders out of these networks, as it used to be before. But, the big question is, how to use these social networks in favor of a big organization?
To answer this question, one needs to understand the paradigm shift of behavior and culture of people in the last half-century. Every technological innovation has brought about a persuasive and broader change than ever before. The way 90s kids can summarize their childhood in the midst of cartoons, simple family dinner and customs, a 21st century youth cannot. They would simply start playing games on their iPad, rather than taking note of anything happening around them.
So, HR professional needs to observe the changes brought about by mobile communications and internet availability that has paved the way for better jobs, excellent opportunities, growth, perks and various other compensations for employees, be it be CEO or junior executives. Access to potential leaders via social networks and word-of-mouth have become hassle-free. Moreover, the paper printed CVs has been replaced byLinkedIn profiles. Sourcing has become simplified and investigating on a candidate saves a lot of time forExecutive search consultant.
Viadeo in French, Zoominfo in UK, Xing in Germany are all professional networks that help executives to build a rapport, brief, take interview and finalize a candidate after proper negotiation. Executive search consultant are highly adept at choosing the right talent as one wrong choice can lead to a disastrous move for the hiring company. Notwithstanding the various pitfalls that might follow in the path of executive search, professionals are chosen depending upon their experience, team handling capabilitiesfunctional abilities,core expertisesoft skills and psychometric assessments.
To qualify as the “most-preferred” Executive search Firm, companies need to consider 3 points (as tips):
  • A passion to research
  • A strong eye for discretion
  • Timely Communication
Executive recruiters are supposed to make lives of hiring companies better, rather than complicating. Communicating in a clear manner, responding on time, respecting the other’s viewpoints are a few of their qualities. HR outsourcing helps in mitigating unnecessary expenditure of hiring a recruitment team and getting delayed services. Sometimes, in-house HRs are not able to fill a gap as soon as it is required and might take longer than usual. In those crucial moments, HR outsourcing team acts as a savior and eases the burden of payroll management and recruitment, both off the shoulders of in-house team.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why HR Outsourcing Is Offered By Experts: An Insight

Employing people is not an easy task. Most businesses face a lot of the credit crunch and moral upheaval when old employees leave. It is not easy to replace people who have contributed beyond measure and invested many years in building a business. Training and retaining employees becomes the need of the hour. On the other hand, a business client might want to know the employee strength before extending hands. Finding a good recruitment consultant becomes a compulsion. An experienced HR consultant would be able to draft a relevant job description that a business owner might not be able to. If you are a business owner yourself, you might want to take care of better things than recruitment, such as stakeholder meetings, identify risks, develop strategies, take day to day decisions, attend board meetings, control the direction of the company, so on and so forth.
Most talent acquisition service providers offer leadership hiring, lateral hiring, bulk hiring and CXO hiring. Recruitment consultants have a database of skilled people who are suitable for your organization. As a person with big responsibilities, you might want to delegate some of the painstaking work like selection, on board, training and management of expert HR personnel. It has been noticed, many firms claim to offer us a quick turnaround with productive people, although they are unable to provide HR advisory services. After all, not many are able to make sure that the task doesn’t end with the selection and on boarding, but to make new joiners feel settled and assure employers that the match has been correct. This can only be done if they are willing to provide HR outsourcing that extends to HR advisory services. The HR personnel have to be absolutely sure that the candidates they are hiring are cent percent suitable for the tasks, they are being hired for.
Sometimes, biz owners feel they have sufficient time and money to recruit candidates themselves, but 99% of the time, they end up with two things, 1) waste time and 2) waste money. Since the candidate who is hired turns out to be someone else after he or she joins the company. Ask any small biz owner or in-house HR about the experience, it’s quite apparent. This is the most important reason why CEOs or Managing directors should opt for HR recruitment services. In a fraction of the money you will spend, you will get a perfect employee by an executive search consultant.
Moreover, if your company’s data is of utmost importance, which generally every company claims, you might take a bigger risk of hiring a person who might act as a secret information provider to your competitors. Expert HR consultants check their background and can gauge the level of understanding and skill set required for the job role. Human resource management is a specialized field and should not be practiced without knowledge or experience. It should be left in the hands of HR recruiters.
In addition to managing your selection process and on-boarding, HR personnel would be glad to manage vital aspects of your business, such as employee management, customer relations, and train on new skills, reward management etc. Hiring an HR outsourcing service provider leads to cost-effective measures. Imagine, how much you can save your time and energy on recruiting people? How much you can save money on hiring HRs for in-house team if you have an external team doing the job for you? Perfectly fits your idea, right?